Lateral Movement Detection

Organizations never intentionally provide direct access to their crown jewels from the outside.

Even highly targeted and focused attacks require the attackers to move laterally throughout the organization’s network, exploiting vulnerabilities in software, hardware and even business processes as they close in on their ultimate target within the organization.

A new approach to threat detection

Many existing security products focus on providing automatic prevention of attacks. While these methods may work in small scale settings, they do not work in large scale due to the inherent gap between a full lock down of a network, and the organization’s ultimate goal of conducting business.

If large scale automated prevention of crime doesn’t work in the “real world”, why would computer networks be any different?

Focusing on the fundamental concepts of an attack

Our products work at the network level, detecting fundamental attack concepts based on an attacker’s need to move laterally within the enterprise. Effective detection of traces of these attack concepts provides early warning that lets security teams shut down the attack before the attackers achieve their goals.

Agentless out of band solution

Fenror7’s products run completely out of band and do not require installation of agents on your devices to provide fast and accurate detection, while automatically supporting any type of device connected to your network.

Consistent early detection

By focusing on detecting attack concepts instead of exploited vulnerabilities, Fenror7’s lateral movement detection engines require less updates compared to other solutions, and are less sensitive to constant changes in attack trends and zero-days.

Whether your enterprise’s network consists entirely of workstations and servers, or if it also includes your vehicle fleet or coffee machines, Fenror7 will provide the same consistent early detection every time.

You own your data

Fenror7 believes that your data and what goes on in your enterprise belongs to you, and only you. We developed a detection technology that can detect threats even over encrypted networks, and we do not mandate that you “share with the community”.

Plug & Play

Developed by hackers and CISOs, our detection technology was designed from the ground up as a simple plug & play lateral movement detection product, based on a simple architecture that does not rely on complicated sandboxes, test environments or network benchmarking to provide easy to read alerts and reports.

Secure by design

Fenror7’s products are secure by design and run on fully patched and hardened Linux servers connected to your network in an out of band architecture that provides the highest level of security possible.