Reveals undetected cyber threats

What do we do

Fenror7 lowers the TTD (Time To Detection) of hackers,
malwares and APTs in enterprises and organizations by 90%
from 300 days on average (by current reports) to 24 hours or less.

Fenror7 closes the detection gap the market is facing today
using our Lateral Movement Detection (LMD) engine.

Let me tell you something that you know


Average hacker or malware/APT can easily bypass current perimeter cyber defences and penetrate into the organization, and in some cases the threat is an internal employee.
Existing solutions are broken. There is no way to hold threat by an "outer fence".


It takes 300 days on average to detect a hacker or any other malicious cyber threat moving inside the organization. Enough time to espionage, colonize assets and exfilitrate sensitive information.


With a market packed with thousands of solutions for specific issues, a CISO is unable to handle such a huge volume (and doesn't want to). Lots of False-Positives wasting time and resources of the company's security team.

  • The Solution

    Find the bad guys - FAST and ACCURATE

    Fenror7 developed a unique and innovative technology that lowers the detection time from 300 days to less than 24 hours while providing highly accurate, specific and reliable results.

    How do we do it?

    Plug & Play Appliance -> Port Mirroring -> Reveal.
    No configuration or expertise needed. Simply plug the box and let us do the rest. Once we find a real cyber threat, you will be notified about it in our Dashboard.

The pioneers of Lateral Movement

  • Team Member

    Yaniv Miron

    Founder, CEO & Chief Hacking Officer

    Global accredited cyber leader
    Years of actual practice
    Building security engines
    Found 0-days in Microsoft, Oracle etc.
    Worldwide speaker
    (BlackHat, Power Of Community, Confidence, IL.Hack, Hacker Halted etc.)

    Team Member

    Boris Mechetner

    R&D Manager Back-end

    Graduate of 8200 intelegence unit, IDF
    B.Sc, Electronic Engineering
    C, C++ Software Development Specialist

    Team Member

    Dor Shoham

    R&D Manager Front-end

    Years of web development
    Building custom "white label" products and CMS's
    Expert in modern Front-end technologies and automation

    Team Member

    Tom Feigin

    Software Developer

    Graduate of an elite cyber security unit in the C4I corps
    Over six years of software development experience, primarily in embedded real-time environments
    Developed and designed products ranging from military cyber systems to communication devices and real-time applications

    Team Member

    Shir Bernstein

    Personal Assistant to CEO

    Team Member

    Shay Almog

    Advisory Board Member

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