Fenror7’s line of lateral movement detection products allows near immediate detection of attacks, providing CISOs and security teams with valuable information about what goes on in their network. All of our easy to use products are designed to work out of the box in most common organizational network environments, independent of the number or types of IP devices connected to the network. Typical setups include connecting our product to a network tap or SPAN, and do not require content inspection.

Fenror7 Multi-Site

Fenror7 Multi-Site provides a single management point for multiple engine servers. Our scalable multi-site solution is designed for large enterprises with data centers spread out over multiple geographic locations, or network topologies with more than 5,000 devices.

Fenror7 SA

Fenror7 SA is our stand-alone lateral movement detection product, providing single-site organizations and networks of up to 5,000 devices, with the same detection capabilities of Fenror7 Multi-Site.

Fenror7 Cloud

Fenror7 Cloud lets organizations operating with a cloud topology take advantage of Fenror7’s game changing lateral movement detection engines by providing cloud based detection.