Our mission.

Use lateral movement detection technology to provide the fastest
and most accurate detection of cyber attacks within enterprises and organizations.



Open positions coming soon.
In the meantime, we’re looking for talented individuals who think outside the box and enjoy solving complicated problems.
If you would like to offer your services and join us, please contact us at careers@fenror7.com.

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Management team

Yaniv Miron

Founder, CEO & Chief Hacking Officer

As the founder of Fenror7, Yaniv is also the company's CEO and Chief Hacking Officer. He is a globally accredited cyber leader with many years of technical hands-on experience in building security engines, discovering 0-day vulnerabilities, writing exploits, reverse engineering and penetration testing. As an information security as well as a physical security specialist, Yaniv eats and breaths security.

Yaniv has had the privilege of speaking at many international conferences including BlackHat, Power Of Community, Confidence, IL.Hack, Hacker Halted and others.

Gil Ben-David

SVP Business Development

Gil is a business oriented cyber security professional with many years of experience providing CISO services, serving as a high-level consultant to numerous organizations (military, government, high-tech, financial and industrial). He has a strong technical background in penetration testing and incident response.

Gil earned a MA in Public Policy and a BSc in Computer Science and Economics (BA), all from Tel-Aviv University.

Noam Segev

VP Sales

Noam is an International Business development and Sales leader in the IT & Cyber Security industry, with a proven sales track record of multi million dollars.

He has over 17 years of experience in developing and managing international sales channels as well as leading diversified sales teams.

Shay Almog

Advisory Board Member

CDM Leader Lateral Movement Detection (LMD)

“Fenror7 uses a brilliant model of time-based security to reduce TTD (Time To Detection) of hackers,malwares and APTs in enterprises and organizations by 90%, which is a breakthrough in our industry”

GDS Review Global Innovator in TTD

“Fenror7 lowers the Time to Detection (TTD) of hackers, malware and APTs in enterprises and organizations by 90% from 300 days on average (by current reports) to 24 hours or less.

  • Boris Mechetner R&D Manager

    B.Sc, Electronic Engineering.
    C, C++ Software Development Specialist

  • Tom Feigin Software Developer

    Graduate of an elite cyber security unit in the C4I corps Over six years of software development experience, primarily in embedded real-time environments Developed and designed products ranging from military cyber systems to communication devices and real-time applications

  • Dor Shoham R&D Manager

    Years of web development. Building custom "white label" products and CMS's. Expert in modern Front-end technologies and automation.

  • Shir Bernstein PA to CEO